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Sat, Nov. 8th, 2008, 01:49 pm

I had a con dream last night. I always have them before Chicago cons, but since I haven't been to one in a year, it's been awhile.

So I check into the hotel (which is huge and gorgeous), and go to my room, which is apparently a really large party suite type room, with a few couches and plenty of chairs, and a really big bed. This is especially nice because as it turns out, Justin and I are sharing our room with an older man about the size of Lord Dragon, who is sleeping in half our bed. On the bright side, the bed is cut in half (although both halves are still next to each other) so he doesn't weight down our side. As I'm putting my stuff away, more and more people come into our room; apparently about 40 people are ALSO crashing with us.

Justin and I got separated at some point so I go to explore the dealer's room, where they have some crazy types of food. One dealer had these huge shelves of chicken and hot dogs all deep fried in some different type of coating. So there was, for instance, barbeque deep fried chicken (but a solid fried, not liquid type barbecue topping), and some less normal things like chocolate deep fried chicken.

Also, most of the sections of the hotel were connected, not by hallways, but by rope bridges. I kept almost falling off.

At some point the dream shifted from con to more like an episode of Doctor Who, but I remember much less of that.

ANYWAY. I'm excited for con.

Sun, Nov. 2nd, 2008, 01:32 am

Note: I've had enough to drink that I'm going to ask you to please forgive any ridiculous spelling or grammar errors here.

Halloween - not bad, nothing particularly interesting, saw Zack and Miri make a Porno

Day After Halloween - AWESOME

First was the Techfront party, which is a club at school that all the nerds are in but somehow I've never gone before. They all loved my Captain Hammer costume, plus Dr. Horrible was there, but was too embarrassed for me to take a picture of me beating him up. Then, when Dan and I were walking to Anna's party, a car pulled up next to us, honked, rolled down the windows, and the girls inside sang "WE DO THE WEIRD STUFF!". It was HARDCORE. Definitely made my night.

On the way FROM Anna's party to eat ridiculously unhealthy food (I had a fried chicken thing served on, of all things, a glazed donut. Seriously, I have a picture), a group of guys that looked fairly frat-ish stopped and one said, "Holy shit are you Captain Hammer? I was Dr. Horrible yesterday!" So we talked about that for a bit. It was also pretty awesome.

And yeah, then I ate a chicken donut sandwich.

Good, if not unhealthy, day.

Sat, Sep. 27th, 2008, 01:02 pm
This entry is unimportant. Just felt like writing it.

My happy place is the apple orchard.

It doesn't matter which one, but all my life, I've had fond memories of it. A lot of our old home videos take place at apple orchards, with me and my brother with an apple in each hand, alternating bites. We always brought a stroller even when my brother could walk, just so we didn't have to carry everything.

Today I went with the AFT to Curtis Orchard, the orchard here in Champaign. It's much smaller than all the ones we used to go to back home, but it's a perfect size. The past two years it was a big group, and everyone would split off into their little friend groups, and we'd just meet again at the end to drive home, but this time there were only five of us, no one I was particularly close with, but I much preferred it. It was a surprising amount of fun, and I came back with several pounds of apples, cider, pie, donuts, and a few other things.

I never really eat apples unless I pick them myself. Sure, occasionally I'll have one, but I eat as many apples in a year as I do during the four days including and after I go to the orchard. Today I must have eaten four, and bitten into (and promptly discarded) at least seven others.

I think one of the reasons apple orchards hit me in the best way possible is that I've never had a bad experience. My family never fought, even when I took an ex we didn't have problems, it's just always a good time. Plus, I have great memories of making apple pie with my dad in the days after.

As much as I wish I went more often so I'd have this amazing sense of calm more often, I know that if I went more, it would be less special, and eventually I'd take someone that didn't appreciate it, or something else bad would happen that would ruin it for me, and I never want that to happen. It's my happy place, and I'd like it to stay that way.

Wed, Sep. 10th, 2008, 11:57 pm

Today was the last day of the Engineering Expo here at UIUC, and luckily I had time to attend... Wrigley wasn't there for some reason, so the only company I talked to was Kraft, but I'm glad I did!

After talking to Nate, who works in nutrition research in the Glenview location, and was very interested in my internship experience, he invited me to a special dinner Kraft was having in the evening. Apparently in the three days he'd been there, I was only the second person he invited! So that's exciting.

The dinner was held Timpone's, a very nice Italian restaurant in the heart of campus. The Kraft people basically rotated around the room so each of them had a chance to talk with us, find out more about our personal experiences, and give us an opportunity to ask any questions we may have. I think I definitely impressed a couple of them with my experiences, so when it comes time to have official interviews in October, I'm a little more confident than I would have been before.

Dinner was good, I enjoyed my steak, and dessert was our choice of either a ridiculously huge serving of chocolate mousse, or an equally ridiculous portion of creme brulee.

And when we left, we got a huge bag of Kraft products.

Exciting times! I'm definitely looking forward to interviewing, because I know I'd love to work for them. The people seem great.

Wed, Sep. 3rd, 2008, 05:52 pm

I just got an interesting phone call.

"Hey, this Jonathan?"
"No, it's Ginny."
"Ginny? Where are you?"
"Champaign Urbana."
"Champaign Indiana?"
"No, Urbana. Why? Is this a wrong number?"
"Are you in college?"
"Yes. Do I know you?"
"I'm wondering if you're the Ginny I know."
"Who is the Ginny you know?"
"Ginny Smith."
"That's not me."
"Who are you then?"
"A different Ginny."
"So, assuming this is, in fact, a wrong number, I'm gonna go get back to my homework..."
"Okay! Are you single?"
"No, and I have to go..."
"Do you like girls?"
"No, I have a boyfriend."
"Wanna have a threesome?"
"Okay, bye!"

Weirdest wrong number ever.

Tue, Sep. 2nd, 2008, 10:39 pm

Flower arranging is the most fun class ever.

Check out what I made today!Collapse )

Mon, Aug. 18th, 2008, 03:21 pm

Sooo, I move into my apartment on Thursday. Definitely kinda freaked out about it, since I'll actually have to think about things like bills and food. Of course, the other guys will be there to help me remember stuff, but still.

Packing is... well, let's just say I'm really bad at packing. One of the boxes I never unpacked from last semester, I slightly rearranged. Added some new stuff, took some old stuff out. There's still a lot in there that I'll likely never use.

Thing is, this year I'll actually HAVE space. While these past two years my dorm room was about half the size of my room at home, SHARED with someone else, now I have a room bigger than my room at home for just me. For once I have an excuse to bring tons of crap.

Maybe I'll bring a chair. My worry is that instead of actually using it for a chair, it'll end up being used for exactly what it is now, that being a place for me to throw clean laundry.

I'm also pretty sure the apartment doesn't have a microwave.


Maybe I'll eat healthier that way?

Thu, Aug. 7th, 2008, 12:16 pm
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Consuite here has prosuitto wrapped melon, fresh mozzarella, and bruschetta. What the fuck, chicago cons? Step up!

Sat, Aug. 2nd, 2008, 09:51 am

Ooookay, so once I get home from Justin's, I will have no internet. I might have internet for a couple hours in the airport tomorrow, but after that, I will likely be disappeared until I get back from Worldcon!

For those of you also going to Worldcon, I'll be in Denver starting Sunday, so give me a call when you get into the area on Tuesday!

Also, my birthday was pretty awesome, even though Kristin Schaal cancelled because she's in the hospital. (Good reason.)

Oh, and for some reason my tailbone hurts. I woke up in the middle of the night with the pain, and I have no idea what happened. Anyone have a clue?

Sun, Jul. 27th, 2008, 12:29 pm

My birthday is this Friday. I dunno what to do for it, if anything.

I have plans ON my actual birthday, and since Anthony just planned that thing the day after, I guess that's out too. The day before I am doing dinner stuff with my parents, but Dan, you had mentioned seeing Coyote Ugly at the NeoFuturarium that night?

There's so little time left, and Shaina, you work a lot around then, and I have plans with family, so I don't know what to do... but I want to do SOMETHING...

Edit: Shaina, I just saw you don't work Thursday night. Wanna do something then after I have dinner with my family? Coyote Ugly at the NeoFuturarium, if I get out early enough?

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